Health & Safety

Health and safety are at the centre of IAS Dundee Ltd’s ethos. Our management team reviewed the Health, Safety and Environmental legislation when considering their responsibilities for setting our Health and Safety Policy objectives to ensure that we create the safest working environment for all.

As such, it is the principle of IAS Dundee to practice and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all of its employees, clients, operatives, visitors and the general public. We work to continuously review and improve all practices and procedures pertaining to employee welfare, and any necessary improvements are implemented immediately.

As a company, we strive to manage our business in a reasonable and practical manner so that the safety and welfare of all persons affected by work activities carried out by IAS Dundee are not exposed to risk.
IAS Dundee works to the relevant codes of practice for the industry TG20 and SG4.10.

Our objectives towards fulfilling this policy are to:-

• Identify, eliminate and reduce risks to health and safety.
• Work to relevant safety standards which satisfy our statutory requirements and reflect good working practice.
• Consult with employees on all health, safety and welfare issues.
• Ensure that all employees are trained, understand and carry out their job responsibly.
• Continually monitor this policy by auditing and reviewing its effectiveness in the workplace.
• Ensure that our supervisors check that scaffolders work to TG20 and SG4.10 codes of practice